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Welcome IF: 2021 audiences to:

All the names we are: Created by Claire MacDonald


Podcast: available to download Free from 10 July via 

A specially commissioned podcast created by Claire MacDonald as a response to the artwork installation Arrivals + Departures.


Rev. Dr. Claire MacDonald FRSA is a Unitarian minister and writer, working in social change and art contexts to explore new ways of doing, being and meaning through conversation and collective practice.

“The test, if it is a test, of a powerful artwork – one that becomes more than the sum of its parts – is the way in which it travels with its circumstances. That’s resisting, illuminating, sounding out, listening in and gathering momentum as it travels. Arrival & Departures is such a project. It has gathered as it has travelled, gathering around it the voices, hands, active hopes and community participation that is the hallmark that it matters.” Claire MacDonald

This podcast has been commissioned by IF: Milton Keynes International Festival and Hull Freedom Festival.

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